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Osteoporosis Assessment

Osteoporosis Assessment

The Stratos dR combines the best in technology and performance, making it the optimal solution for bone densitometry examinations.

vtrac excimer lamp

VTRAC Excimer Lamp

Ultraviolet light has been an established dermatologic therapy for decades. The VTRAC  has been shown to be particularly effective for many dermatoses such as psoriasis, vitiligo, leucoderma,  eczema…



Omnilux has pioneered the research and development of narrowband Light Emitting Diode technology for dermatological conditions. 


HeRO Symphony

HeRO® is an FDA cleared medical device for the identification of transient decelerations and reduced baseline variability in heart rate.

Medical Events Organisation

LUXe  Anti-Aging

LUXe is the first intelligent home care led therapy device. The product’s innovation lies on the miniaturization of the technology that enables our customers to benefit from the power of a professional device at home.

Medical Marketing Expertise

Medical Marketing Expertise

Biopack Medical has developed an expertise in managing marketing & communication projects for companies in the medical field.


A new test for the early detection of lung cancer.

HeRO duet

HeRO duet is a stand-alone HeRO monitor for 2 NICU beds.

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